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Monthly Thought

Monthly Thought


September 2022:

A cartoon of two people sat back-to-back on a sofa, with a tape saying "Do not cross"


The Bible is committed to good behaviour and the importance of controlling the tongue. It is sad that some leaders speak badly to their people. They use a tone which is disrespectful, they cut people off in midsentence and they are not listening to those who want to talk to them.

Of course there are cultural differences, and what appears rude in one culture may not be considered rude in another culture. However, our words have impact and, once delivered, you cannot take them back.

In the world, people offer a torrent of filthy language and, although they may not strike a blow, the effect of their language is devastating. People are crushed and feel incredibly wounded.

Sadly, sometimes children are spoken to harshly by their parents and sometimes children are very much lacking respect for their parents. This creates a lot of insecurity and suppressed anger.

The Bible urges us to speak with sensitivity and love to all. Anger and outbursts of violence have no place for the Christian and as leaders we must set an example in speech and good language.

The crowd at the cross spoke with such disgust and venom, but Jesus spoke such gracious words - even from the cross.

Father forgive them, John here is Mary your mother. Mary here is John your son.

Jesus' authority was never in the volume of his voice, but always in the deep relationship He enjoyed with His father.

James 3:1-12.

God bless you
Rev Richard and Elaine