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Monthly Thought

Monthly Thought


May 2022:

A baby held in the "everlasting arms" of God.

Welcome to some thoughts for this month of May.

"The everlasting God is your refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms." Deuteronomy 33:27.

Our physical life and circumstances are not everlasting. We are painfully aware of the fragilities of life and the more we witness in terms of people suffering and war we are so pleased to know we have an eternal God. Losing loved ones is never easy and hearing of persecution and violence towards one's friends is deeply disturbing.

However, God's kingdom advances and we are pleased to report a mission to Romania is underway and Terry with Di are safe with Fivi. Plans are in place for a conference in Ethiopia and also in Guinea.

Bishop Peter has a special outreach which is going on in a new area of Uganda Kashenyi at the end of this month and Pastor Moses is working in Slfilugu Uganda.

June 1st, Chio travels to Peru and David and Jane travel to Tanzania in June as well.

It is always a joy to hold a little one in your arms. They are safe and we are in God's arms. None can pluck us out of His hands. After a while we might feel tired holding the smallest baby, but the everlasting arms never tire of supporting us. Rest in His arms; enjoy His sovereign love.

God bless you
Rev Richard and Elaine